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FMoney Global

Financial and investment initiative for active and modern women

• A woman's perspective on finance and investment
• Private financial and investment club
• Informational and educational portal

Our Contacts
E-mail: info@fmoneyclub.com
Phone & WhatsApp: +1 617 306 2204
Financial and investment club
and informational - educational portal for women
In modern society, women still have vestiges of old attitudes and understanding about money.

There are many clubs and investment vehicles that women are not as comfortable with as they still target men.

FMoney Global is an international financial and investment company. FMoney Global, which has been actively functioning for several years as a global network of women - entrepreneurs, investors, managers.

FMoney Global is a comfortable environment where women can feel their freedom and understand what FMoney is, as they understand it on Wall Street, where they can discuss managing their personal finances, generating passive income, investing, working with retirement savings, children's "fund "and other important financial issues.

To participate in the club and its information and educational projects, you do not need to be a financier or investor with vast experience, you just need to be interested in personal finance and planning your personal wealth through investment or other initiatives. We are here to share experiences!
Our mission is to create a comfortable environment for women to manage financial resources.
What do we offer
We would like to meet you wherever you are on your financial journey and provide everything you need so you can do more for your financial, investment and career goals.

That is why we offer ten types of activities in which you can take part in the project.

All activities are divided into two main areas that are suitable for both experienced members / Club / and beginners in financial management / University /:
FMoney Club
private financial and investment club

the activities of the closed club are aimed primarily at active networking and exchange of experience, as well as at joint work of participants in the direction of entrepreneurship, joint investments, including venture capital, closed meetings with the most interesting business personas, the possibility of obtaining a range of services - from legal, tax and insurance, to business consulting and coaching
FMoney University
open information and educational portal

an open educational project on personal finance management from professionals from all over the world, which provides an opportunity to take part in both individual project activities and take a full systematic training course. Gives access to professional consultants for personal advice, allows you to communicate with other members in an open group
Partners and sponsors
Woman Who Matters
"Woman Who Matters" is a forum and the First All-Russian Prize aimed at identifying and highlighting the best projects, practices and programs of Russian companies in relation to women, their achievements, aspirations and rights. The program of the award is aimed at gathering organizations, companies, institutions and persons, striving and having achieved outstanding success in the development and promotion of women's rights, their achievement, aspirations in various fields of activity. Russia Moscow
Dominion Capital
Dominion Capital started its activity in 2011 as a family office with a unified stock trading strategy. Today, the company invests in almost all assets, from venture capital to public markets, real estate and blockchain. USA, New York
Vinci Agency
Communication agency specializing in IT PR for over 10 years in Russia, the CIS and the world. Rebranding, launching and relaunching products, companies and persons in Russia, CIS, USA, Brazil, China and Europe. Russia Moscow.
Family Trust Group
Multi-family office specializing in wealth management, building an investment strategy, a competent structure of asset ownership, foreign citizenship issues, tax optimization, inheritance and much more. Russia Moscow.
KGroup Family Office
Multi family office working with clients in Russia, Europe, USA. Specialization in building an investment strategy. USA, New York
Fintech-ed-tech project dedicated to financial education, involving women in managing their own finances and investments. Switzerland, Zurich.
Katya Kohen
Founder & CEO FMoney Global

Olga Frid
Co-founder FMoney Global
CEO FMoney Russia